Divine Artifact-Vinecorn

Vinecorn“You, Wild Man, hold!” The sentry approached, halberd lowered. Alteki knew he did not belong in the city, but Zemail had sent him; he could not let himself be arrested.

Reaching into his pocket, be brought out a large acorn. The guard watched quizzically as he threw it, allowing it to strike his chest. His scoff ended abruptly as thick vines encircled him and he fell to the cobbles.


The vinecorn is a minor token granted sometimes in great numbers to the followers of Zemail. Often they will be given as tools to lesser followers on missions for her. It has a throwing range of 50 feet. On striking a human sized target, vines burst out, grappling the target with an instant pin and advantage value of 8d6+10. The trapped makes grapple checks to escape against strength grapples of 15 in order to escape.

Vinecorns are a great way to restrain humanoid enemy. How would you use them? Would you ask Zemail for a handful?

Mind Weave Divine Artifacts are very different than enchanted items. They can do a much wider range of things. Any you would like to see? Comment below and let us know!

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