Saturday Enchantment-Leaper’s Sword

LeapersSword“We’ve got him now!”

“Only place to go from here is down into the river.”

But Tristan had one more surprise up his sleeve. He drew his sword as he ran and jumped from the cliff, pumping the hilt and releasing a gust of wind that carried him to the far ledge, leaving his pursuers far behind. 

I’m trying something new today, an enchantment in place of a spell. For help keeping up, review the Enchanter’s Almanack on enchantment rules. For this particular enchantment, the jump rules will also be helpful, they can be found under the Jump ability in the Player’s Guide.

The Leaper’s Sword is a Greater Enchanted short sword created by a mischievous satyr bard->enchanter who needed a way to get out of trouble. The sword is hardly a legendary artifact and its origins are no longer known, but diligent students of magical artifact lore will recognize that it crops up in the hands of various adventurers and rogues over the years. The iconic “Face of the Wind” engraved on the pommel is a fairly unique telltale of the sword’s presence in lore.LeapersSwordClose

Components: Ru, Jai, Wind (Full)x2, , Oh (Advanced Wind Arc)x2, Ros (Travel Radius), Ku (Physical Radius)

Understand Artifact: 90 to understand to pump the hilt and point the sword to activate, 100 to understand that the jump can be guided by how the sword is pointed.

Using haste spell principles, we apply the sword’s wind power toward an instantaneous speed, which translates directly to jump speed. This contributes windspeed*32/125 to the jump speed.

Unfortunately, this does not improve jump height, so for a long jump this is sufficient, but if the sword is used to add any vertical component, we require a height model and also need to split the wind speed. Presumably, the wielder can choose by how he points the sword how the power is distributed. The additional height jumped in feet is given by (windspeed_V*32/125/5.7)^2/64, where windspeed^2 = windspeed_H^2 + windspeed_V^2, with windspeed_H the horizontal wind and windspeed_V the vertical wind. The jump speed increase is then windspeed_H*32/125.

This enchantment is designed to have a consistent jump, so the base power P is the average power of the components for 21 mph. The enchantment is a charge enchantment with 4 charges, a cool down of 24 seconds (or 12 turns), and a recharge time of 14400 seconds (or 4 hours). This gives it a power multiplier of 10 for 210 mph wind usable four times within under 2 minutes, but requiring 4 hours of recharge for each charge.

For example, suppose the user is a rogue fleeing police forces. He has a 2 foot vertical jump on his own and wants to jump onto a 20 foot high roof. To do this, he must point the sword almost vertically, and he gains only 5 or 6 feet on the length of his jump. This means he can make the jump at a sprint from over 20 feet away.

Once on the roof, he wants to vanish into the city during their confusion. He runs, jumping from roof to roof, for 24 seconds until he can use the sword again, then uses it leap over 60 feet to a distant building, effectively losing his pursuers.

How’d you like seeing an enchantment? This one wasn’t optimized, but fun! Other enchantments you’d like to see? What enchantments would you make? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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