Character Thursday-Zemail (Goddess)

Zemail-Defender and Huntress of the Wood

Zemail is passionate and attentive. She is pleased with nobility and speed, but especially independence. She hates neglect and destruction.

She fits in among the chaotic good gods who frequent the deep woods and is respected by the other good gods. Her followers are dedicated to defend the forested lands in which they roam and are skilled hunters and rangers. In the wood they find power. Her eyes are in the trees and her ears among the leaves. She enjoys hunting in the wilder woods.

Alignment: Chaotic Good (-4,6)

Worshipers: Rangers, Elves, Hunters, Plant Druids

Symbols: Bow, Tree, Deer

Colors: Green, Brown, Gold

Gifts of Power: Haste, Find Prey, Far Hear, Tree Speak, Know the Path, Call Unicorn, Liberate Plant, Grow Plant, Move Plant, Create Forest Maze

Would you play a religious nature priest? Or would you prefer more animal focused druidic abilities? Let us know in the comments below. 

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