Monster Monday-Reaper (Dread Wight)

ReaperHealth Points: 6*level

Spell Points: 40*level recover 2*level/hour

Attack: Scythe 1d8 (+2 death)

Special Attack: Level Drain, as Wight

Dexterity: 14

Strength: 10

Speed: 20

Armor: 2 2 2

Description: The Reaper, or Dread Wight, is a wight of a stronger sort.  Often of higher level, they can drain more levels in combat than a wight can.  They are also fairly dangerous combatants without the level drain ability.  Wielding a deadly scythe, they can deal some damage against foes immune to their level drain.  Their slight armor also makes them less vulnerable to ranged attack.

Wights are animated from dead Priests.

Have any ideas how you would use a wight if under your control?  Something you’d like to throw at your party?  How about as an enemy?  Comment below to share your thoughts.

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