Progress Update-BABY!

Who has two thumbs and didn’t code vision limiting this week. This guy! Instead, I spent most of my time in a hospital because my wife just turned this two-member family into a three-member family! That’s the best reason I’ve ever had to not make a lot of coding progress. I might add that this week was also the due date for all my school projects. Baby is doing great, projects are done, and I’ll be getting back to work.

New motivations are here. With a baby girl growing up, I want even more to have this game as a bonding and teaching opportunity. Also, with my brother planning his graduation in a year, I need to have this done so we can play when he runs off to dental school and I run off after jobs or a doctorate. Either way, we’re going to want this game to keep the Eck family in contact, other games just don’t cut it.

Thanks for the support! Vision limiting for sure next week.

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4 Responses to Progress Update-BABY!

  1. aarocars says:

    Wow! Congratulations. My wife is pregnant with our third, and it’s always just as exciting as the first!

    Take care of your newest addition!

    • jameseck says:

      Thanks, she just helped me talk out my friday post while we rocked and waited for milk-mommy to get home.

      • aarocars says:

        That sounds lovely! And babies only get more interested in what you’re doing as they get older, too.

        I made a D&D-themed board game for my kids a while back, and everyday it’s, “When can we play that dragon game?”

        A new generation approaches! 🙂

      • jameseck says:

        Yep, I’m pretty much doing this because of the bonding I had with my dad over D&D. He homebrewed a lot of it to fit our family and I want to do the same for my punks.

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