Fantasy Plant-Dagger Thistle

Here’s a plant with some potentially combative traits in preparation for the Shrine of Zemail on Wednesday.

The Dagger Thistle is an especially viciously spiked vine. It is unheard of in regions where civilization has existed for very long. It’s creeping vines grow quickly and choke out other plants. No one has ever been known to cultivate dagger thistles without druidic powers. Its hard, woody vines are extremely difficult to cut, and its sharp, foot-long thorns are hard to navigate. The thorns are spaced so on any given side there is about 2 feet between them.

Statistically, the body of the dagger thistle is like pine in its woodiness. This makes it a softer wood and highly flammable.

Hardness: 5

Durability: 1

Flammability: 0.75

Opacity: 0.99

When controlled, the dagger thistle strikes either vertically or horizontally with each vine. Its vines are 20 feet long. Horizontal sweeps deal 1d6 damage to targets in a 20 foot swath across 90 degrees. Vertical sweeps deal 2d6 damage in a rectangle 20 feet long and 2 feet wide. The first target struck takes full damage. Subsequent targets take 1% less damage for each 4 pounds of targets struck before. This means an average human adventurer reduces its damage by half for the next target. A given dagger thistle has 2d3 vines.

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