Ability Tuesday-Rapid Growth

RapidGrowthRapid Growth is a core druidic ability that allows the druid to channel magical energy (spell points) to cause a plant to grow almost instantly. The higher the level in Rapid Growth, the more efficiently and quickly the character can cause  plants to grow. By level 12 in Rapid Growth he can cause a plant to grow 20 cubic feet a turn with 200 SP.

Plants grown this way stay grown permanently insofar as they can maintain it. If enough growth is devoted to growing roots in addition to branches, the plant can keep the branches indefinitely. Otherwise the tree will lose branches and possibly die from the imbalance.

Only Druids can learn Rapid Growth. It is very rare as a backstory ability and difficult to learn cross-class, but certain deities may grant it to their devout followers.

Would you use a major ability to be able to cause plants to grow? How would you intend to use it? Let us know in the comments below.

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