Progress Update-Some New Art


Ugly pits with the wrong tiles.


Pretty pits with the new tiles

Been crazy here, trying to finish my weather probability and relativistic radar for classes.  Still, I’ve put some thought into refactoring the map interaction of the game, and I got some new game art done. It’s not a big step, just new rotations of existing art, but it does make the map look significantly prettier. Other pieces of the map I’m going to have to redraw entirely to get the pit shadows to line up. Most of the map tile art is already dedicated to serving pits of any shape possible, and they’re still giving me trouble 😛

I also got started drawing a new avatar to put on the map. Hopefully he and the new “fog-of-war” tiles will be featured in next week’s limited vision video, supposing I make time to do that kind of coding over Thanksgiving. That’s the plan though, so expect another video with a new intro sequence next week.

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