Saturday Spell-Coax Lightning

CoaxLightningThe wild witch flailed her arms, dagger and staff in hand. “On Ru Loa,” she shrieked as she continued to wave her arms.

The imperial soldiers hung back warily, unsure what kind of magic she might be casting. They cringed and crouched near trees as she finished.

For a moment nothing happened, then there was a sudden flash, followed by another, and another. Deafening thunder shook the ground as bolts struck all around the small clearing.

The witch cackled hysterically as the imperials fled. She held her rod high as lightning struck it. Bolts continued to fall in the surrounding area, thunder echoing in the distance.

This spell is not for the faint of heart. Lightning does not discriminate between friend and foe and can just as easily destroy the caster as his enemies.

Right Hand:

Neta (Nature Radius)

Ya (Earth Arc)

Des (Energy Arc)x8

Ku (Physical Radius)

Left Hand:

Neta (Nature Radius)

Ya (Earth Arc)

Des (Energy Arc)x8

Ku (Physical Radius)

saying “on ru loa”

This spell uses the lightning rules. That’s it. Apart from that the only thing of notes it that I think this is the first spell where I need to toss an arc that has nothing to do with the spell’s intention. That’ll happen from time to time, by the way. It’s a sort of intrinsic penalty for using Spirits in the spell that don’t combine cleanly with the Temperament of the spell.

If you’ll humor me, we can take a look at exactly how much lightning we can expect from this spell. It’s throwing down 20*(16d6) Potential for an average of 1120 potential. Even on a clear day, that makes the rate of lightning 125.4 bolts per hour.  That means you’d expect to wait about 30 seconds between bolts until the potential starts to expend itself. Hardly a dramatic results.

With a DoP bonus, a high level could as much as double that potential to 2240 (20*32d6) for a rate of 500 or so bolts per hour. That’s a bolt every 8 seconds about until the potential starts to spend itself out, more if there’s already potential in the air as on a stormy night. That’s a dramatic change on the battle field scenery. At least for a little while, these bolts will stay near the caster and really impact actions in the area. This amount of power is about that expended by a Hilkia (Storm Caller) on a normal shout.

This spell costs 208 SP.  It has a casting time of 22 seconds for a caster with no Agility (unless I decide to implement some kind of parallelism math).  Still, for a spell that will have a dramatic impact on the area for several minutes after casting, it’s not so much to ask.

Would you be mad enough to call down heavenly artillery on your own position? What kind of situations would you use it in? Any other spells or variations you’d like to see. Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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