Character Thursday-Thulme Breakbough (Minotaur Fighter)

Alright, today is an interesting PC. I’m doing a full fighter with no intention of moving into the second tier (if you have questions about that, see the class system). This is mainly because his second tier options didn’t offer much he wanted that hadn’t already come from his backstory. This approach has the advantage that he doesn’t have to worry at all about increasing attributes he doesn’t care about like wisdom, intelligence, and charisma and can focus on just hitting things as hard as possible.


Thulme Breakbough grew up in the Bull Caves.  He spent some time hunting with the groups living there, but he was fond of spending time alone and fought often with the other minotaurs. He felt the other minotaurs were holding him back and would frequently fly into a rage, starting brawls and causing disorder. Though the minotaurs outside the Bull Caves would often get into tussles, Thulme’s disturbing influence was unique. He received numerous warnings from the Patriarch and when one day he badly injured another minotaur in a fight, he was expelled from the caves.

Thulme didn’t mind. He felt bad for injuring the other minotaur and wanted to give back to the caves somehow. He decided to hunt the drakes that so often threatened his people. He set out to wander the Menace Woods, following the tracks of drakes to destroy them.

Levels 1-10:

Hunting the drakes of the Menace Wood was dangerous work. Thulme had no friends to fall back on if things went badly, and though he tried to stay near the Bull Caves and shelter them from drakes, he found that fatigue and wounds slowly pushed him away. Eventually, while chasing a lone flying drake, he found himself at the sea. The drake escaped him, flying out to the islands, but he decided to spend some time there, hunting drakes in the area. He was eventually picked up by a small ship from the Tinen empire. They recruited him for a mission they claimed was of the utmost importance and he soon found himself committed to stomping out a great danger in the center of the Midgeland as he began to understand why the people of Reach never returned to help his people.

Strength: 36, Constitution: 24, Dexterity: 15,

Wisdom: 6, Intelligence: 8, Charisma: 6

Abilities: Rage VII, Rush V, Anticipation V, Leaping Strike IV, Jump IV, Crusade (Drake) IV, Tracking I, Soften Fall I

Skills: Weapon Skill X, Agility II

At first glance, Thulme looks pretty pigeon-holed into one kind of combat: leap from somewhere high onto the target or rush them, then rage until the fight is over. Anticipation means that melee weapons will probably be best.

And it’s true he doesn’t have many options in his ability list for combat, but he also isn’t limited to a single weapon, with Weapon Skill instead of Weapon Mastery. This means he can change up his combat with different weapons.  I’ve decided to suppose he has a bastard sword made in the Bull Caves, and though it is his weapon of choice, he is preserving it and uses it sparingly. Instead, he uses weapons he can make himself: spears and quarter staffs. He’s strong enough he doesn’t mind carrying both.

Spears he can use to plant against enemies that charge fast enough to behave like a cavalry charge and get double damage. He can also use the spear in conjunction with the bastard sword if wielding it one handed, though with his strength and low dexterity, he’s better off going two handed. Hence the quarter staff. The quarter staff is a fast, two-handed weapon with a lot of reach, allowing him to get his bonus from strength as two-handed while maintain a high attack rate.

As a player character, he is a bit a liability because of his anger issues, but he should be dedicated to the cause of liberating his people and may even think that the people of Tinen will help to make that happen. If the party ever reaches the Bull Caves, he will either be an asset or a liability, because he knows the people there, but he has been banished from among them.

Would you stay a fighter to get more strength? Or would you prefer some of the more focused abilities of a berserker perhaps? Let us know in the comments below. 

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