World Building Wednesday-The Menace Woods

MenaceWoodSoutheast of the Hungry Mounts and North of the Deep Run and the Dead Bay in the Midgeland, there is a wood the settlers of Reach call the Menace Wood in their records.

Though they were occupied with the Empire of Wesarin to the West, they were aware of orc threats to the North. They sent scouts into the Menace Wood, seeking allies Dainlen assured them were there. They found more danger than allies.

The Menace Wood is full of beasts, including many drakes, including Hilkias and Karzas. It is a stormy forest and is flecked with swamps. Many minotaurs wander in the Menace Woods, growing strong as they combat the drakes. These minotaurs seek refuge at the Bull Caves when they are wounded or grow old. They are very few, but they are powerful and proud.

As a player, would you go to the Hungry Mounts to find the dragon?  As a Master Weaver, would it be there? What other situations might draw players to the Hungry Mounts? What kind of trouble could they get into? Let us know below.

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8 Responses to World Building Wednesday-The Menace Woods

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  3. Between mountains and the sea, the trees in the Menace Wood might be particularly tall. Are there ship-building nations relatively near by? They might send expeditions to the north shore of Dead Bay to cut the very finest trees for masts and spars.

    • jameseck says:

      Thanks! The Settlers of Reach definitely used the trees, but Alvar and Tinen also have navies.

      • George Hammond says:

        I posted the question before I found the overview information on Midgeland. It sounds like neither Alvar or Tinen would need to go all the way to the windward side of Midgeland for fine timber though, there is plenty of forest closer to them on the west side.

      • jameseck says:

        Quite right. But expeditions in the area could certainly use the Menace Wood for repairs.

  4. Swamp forest is horrid terrain. Are there elephants here?

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