Mind Weave Class-Fighter

For a list of other classes visit the Mind Weave class system description.


Tier: First

Origins: Acolyte-Fighter (Soldier)

Advancement: Assassin, Bard, Battle Mage, Berserker, Paladin, Ranger.

Races: Humans, Gnomes, Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Orcs, Lizardfolk, Goblins, Kobolds, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Satyrs, Drow, Osprytes, Livecaps, Nekolyns

Minimum Attributes:

Strength: 14 Constitution: 14 Dexterity: 12

Wisdom: 6 Intelligence: 8 Charisma: 6

halflingfighterA first tier combative class adept in the use of weapons of all sorts, fighters are characterized by high strength and constitution scores, dexterity being of secondary importance. The fighter is a versatile base class serving as a gateway to a variety of second tier classes.

RushFighters, or at least soldiers, tend to be relatively common place and exist among almost all races.  A fighter can be an old, seasoned soldier, a captain of the guard, a sheriff, a brigand, a mercenary, a senior member of the militia, a talented young swordsman, a bandit, a frontier patrolman, or any number of other things.  What he will certainly have is background with a weapon, whether melee or ranged, and probably other combative skills.  They also commonly have survival skills when their background is in rough conditions.

ParryMasteryInitial Abilities: None

Initial Skills: Weapon Skill I

Potential Abilities: Anticipation, Attack on the Run, Blade Dance, Body Shield, Charge, Cleave, Counter Blow, Disarm, Fast Hands, Fast Mount/Dismount, Firm Seat, Hand Fighting, Heroic Endeavor, Jump, Kick, Leaping Strike, Parry Mastery, Rallying Call, Rush, Shield Bash, Sunder, Swim, War Cry, Weapon Mastery.

Associated Skills: Agility, Second Hand, Riding.

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