Monster Monday-Hilkia




The crackle of lightning continued following the call.

“The storm caller is getting closer, we need to move out.”

Health Points: 10d6+150

Spell Points: 2000

Attack: 2d8 (bite) speed 1/2, 1d8 (tail) speed 3/4

Special Attack: Call Lightning

Special Defense: Call Lightning

Dexterity: Bite (12), Tail (16)

Strength: Bite (16), Tail (16)

Speed: 16

Armor: 4 18 24

Special: Absorbs all lightning damage as 3x SP. Can detect the potential in the air. Lightning is 8 times more likely to strike area occupied by the Hilkia than other areas.

Call Lightning: The Hilkia can emit a static filled shout at will using as much SP as desired. The amount of potential added to the atmosphere is 10*SP spent and the sound is 1*SP dB. Usually used with about 200 SP. As with other artificial sources of static, this increases the chance of lightning striking nearby more than it increases the chance of lightning striking in general.

Description: Hilkia, or Storm Callers, are extremely slow and lethargic drakes. They live in wet and rainy areas, mostly, but will often migrate to follow storms and can be found even in deserts during monsoon season.

They are dark green and have heavy scales. Their frilled backs attract lightning to them which they in turn convert into more lightning. Being slow, they hunt primarily by calling lightning and eating the poor animals stuck by it in the area. It can take them days to find dead from their strikes as they go searching the strike areas. They are therefore very tolerant of rotting meat and will settle for other carrion or to take kills from faster predators by their strength and the protection of their scaley hides.

Given the loudness of the Lightning Call, Hilkia can often be heard from miles away as they hunt. Animals that do not flee far enough from the sound can find themselves deafened, perhaps permanently. Hilkia will sometimes notice the behavior of deaf animals and stalk them for a close up kill.

It is rumored that a Hilkia spine can be used to attract lightning and convert it to magical energy.

As a player, how would you react when you hear a Hilkia in the distance? What if one wandered into a village, calling lightning down on buildings?  Would you confront it?  As a Master Weaver, would you use one? How? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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