Progress Update-Moving on the Map

So, it’s been a couple weeks since I showed I could read a map. Today I am going to show that i can move on a map:

Video is a bit jumpy again, but that’s mostly the extramaus program and the video recording being too much for my old machine to handle. I was hoping to have a new recording method figured out for today, but I now think that would entail moving the whole development process to a different computer, since the old one can’t even install things anymore.

The main benefit, besides smooth recording, from recording a different way would be that you’d be able to see my cool cursor icons, but since that may be a while off, here’s a sneak peak:

arrow_icon1This cursor is used on most of the page, but it will soon be replaced in certain sections including the map.

wand_icon2This cursor is used on the magic tab and in the custom casting window, a little magic wand.

I’m also convinced that now is the time to stop kludging this map code together. I need to take some time and plan how this all needs to work instead of desperately coding the morning of my progress updates. This may mean that I don’t do a real game-play update for a little while, but I will keep up the mechanics updates and start doing in-game artwork updates to make up for it.

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2 Responses to Progress Update-Moving on the Map

  1. Daniel says:

    Never be afraid of code refactoring! It may make us a bit bored right now, but it means the difference between finishing the project and not!

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