Classes of Mind Weave

Mind Weave uses a tiered class system with twenty (20) classes in three (3) tiers. You may have noticed the classes mentioned in previous character and undead posts, but this post is intended to explain the class system in brief. The chart below outlines the advancement options for classes in the three tiers.  Most characters will end up in the wider, more specialized 2nd Tier, but some will stay in the basic, versatile 1st Tier or advance to the highly specific, niche filling 3rd Tier.


All of the first tier classes and three (3) of the second tier classes have pre-tier or “acolyte” classes as discussed in a previous post for characters who do not yet qualify for that class but wish to pursue it.

First Tier

Most player characters start in a first tier class. The first tier classes are broad and versatile. Brawlers can range from boxers to toughs to wrestlers, Fighters can be archers, infantry, or cavalry.  Many player characters will seek to specialize with a Second Tier class, but others will maintain their versatility in a First Tier class.

Second Tier

Second tier classes are generally out of reach for starting characters.  However, many characters can make it to a second tier class with a few levels.  A character will advance to a second tier class in order to obtain specialized abilities or sets of abilities in the second tier class.  Second tier classes are much more specific than first tier classes. For example, a Fighter has many ranged/melee and mounted/footman options, but as a Paladin he gains more mounted and melee options as well as religious options at the cost of ranged options. However, as a Ranger he will gain more ranged options as well as natural and magical options at the cost of melee options.

Third Tier

Three third tier classes representing the peak performance in their preliminary classes are also attainable. They are only a short reach from the second tier and provide only a different feel,  a level of prestige, or some highly specialized ability unique to the class.  They are highly specialized and may not be permitted by all Master Weavers for player characters, however, they can make interesting non-player characters. They are the Dragon Slayer, the Enchanter, and the Intrepid.

Below a list of the Mind Weave classes with a brief description for each. Over time we will post more in depth descriptions of the classes and link them here.  In the meantime, you can find all this information in the Mind Weave Player’s Guide.

  • Tier One (1)
    • Brawler-Hand fighters and wrestlers very capable of fighting unarmed.
    • Cleric-Devoted to a deity and skilled in both magic and combat.
    • Druid-Very in tune with nature: plants, animals, or both. May have magic.
    • Fighter-Armed combatants with any form of weapon, ranged or melee.
    • Magic-user-Capable of many kinds of magical and quasi-magical feats.
    • Monk-Fast and powerful usually open-handed or with small melee weapons.
    • Thief-Stealthy and capable of combat in a limited, hit-and-run sense.
  • Tier Two (2)
    • Assassin-Stealthy and melee combat capable, specializing in the close-up stealth kill.
    • Bard-Musicians capable of supporting allies through music. Diplomats and poets.
    • Battle Mage-Focused on magic while wielding a weapon in battle.
    • Berserker-Reckless warriors who use fast damage and rage to crush foes.
    • Illusionist-Mages with very special focuses in illusion, facsimiles, and other tricks.
    • Necromancer-Focused on wielding an army of undead and overcoming death.
    • Paladin-Powerful, religious knights skilled at mounted, melee combat.
    • Priest-Highly religious and entitled to power from their deity. Skilled diplomats.
    • Ranger-Masters of the wilderness with tracking and ranged combat.
    • Rogue-Stealth experts with great ranged and infiltration skills.
  • Tier Three (3)
    • Dragon Slayer-Special crusaders against dragons with powerful combat skills.
    • Enchanter-Capable of creating permanent enchanted objects using their magic.
    • Intrepid-Specialist infiltrators and killers bent on revenge.

What do you think of the Mind Weave class system? What class path would you follow? What skills of the classes would you specialize in? Let us know in the comments below!

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