Encounter: Karza vs “Crack-Karza”

Here it is folks, the moment you’ve all been waiting for:

Vulmud “Crack-Karza” Tallmoon vs. A Karza


Round 0: Karza: 106 HP    Vurmud: 285. The Karza bursts through a wall into The Bull Caves and Vurmud runs toward the lowing as the other minotaurs clear the area.

Round 1: Karza: 106 HP    Vurmud: 285 HP. Vurmud casts a spell that encharges his javelin with 4d6 fire damage with a shout of “ki juo jai” and hurls his javelin at the beast.  With a To-Hit roll of 3.1*3d6+19(-3 for a 60′ range), Vurmud rolls an 8 for 40.8, a Critical Hit! With the critical multiplier, his damage is 4.1(1d6)+10.  This damage is reduced 32% by the Karza’s armor from 4.1*3+10=22.3 to 15.164 hit points. The 4d6 fire damage is rolled at 12. The Karza charges, but moves only 56 feet, leaving Vurmud just out of reach.

Round 2: Karza: 78.836 HP    Vurmud: 285 HP. Vurmud draws his warhammer, takes a step back, and begins to cast another spell, passing through 3 arcs Dain->Ful->Ful.  The Karza lunges forward and attempts to bite.  His 2.5*3d6 To-Hit roll gets 2.5*12 for 30, enough to hit. Vurmud’s parry roll is 3.1*3d6+5-3.  He rolls 10 for 33, enough to negate the damage, but not enough to off-balance the Karza.  Vurmud beats the 2% chance of spell failure.

Round 3: Karza: 78.836 HP    Vurmud: 285 HP. Vurmud finishes his spell with 7 more arcs and a shout ->Ful->Ful->Ful->Ful->Ful->Ful->Dain, “ki jai,” hitting the Karza with his hammer in the process for 3.15*2d8 damage, though the Karza’s armor reduces it by 35.5% from 3.15*4 = 12.6 to 8.127 damage.  Upon finishing the spell, a point blank burst of fire dealing 16d6 fire damage is released, rolling 48 damage. The Karza attacks with one claw and a bite, with To-Hit rolls 2.8*3d6 and 2.5*3d6 respectively.  Vurmud isn’t too proud to dodge and confronts the two 15 difficulty attacks with dodges 2.9*3d6 and 2.9*3d6-10, rolling 6 and 13 for two successful dodges of 17.4 and 27.7.

Round 4: Karza: 22.709 HP    Vurmud: 285 HP. Vurmud knows that fire is doing much more damage than his hammer, but he doesn’t want the Karza to be able to penetrate his defense while he casts, so he casts a short spell while hitting with his hammer. Ra->Ful->Dain “ki jai.”  His hammer swing rolls a low 6 for 6*3.1+5-3=20.6 but narrowly hits.  His 3.15*6*.645=12.1905 damage is augmented by a burst of 2d6 fire damage for 8 damage. The Karza knows he’s in trouble and moves to run. Vurmud makes a reflexive attack and though he rolls a 5 for 5*3.1+5=20.5, it is enough to hit and the Karza can’t counter.  With a minimum roll of 2*3.15*.645=4.0635, it is enough to bring the Karza down.

Round 5: Karza: -1.545 HP    Vurmud: 285 HP. The Karza is unconscious.  This round Vurmund can’t attack with the slow hammer, but with a simple spell or on the next turn he can finish the Karza, feeding the community for several days.

To be clear, a Karza is well below Vurmud’s encounter level.  He should be able to beat it without much challenge. I can just envision this 10 seconds of fire and cracking Karza shell.

Did you like seeing a fight? Too long? Too unbalanced? Let us know in the comments below!

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