Character Thursday-Vurmud “Crack-Karza” Tallmoon (Minotaur Patriarch)

Vurmud is a community-leading NPC. As the Patriarch of the Bull Caves, he has a great deal of responsibility.  His reputation for bringing down Karza is well earned. He was a primarily ranged fighter (levels 1-4), but as a berserker (levels 5-11) he picked up more melee weapon talent. He learned magic and became a battle mage (levels 12-18) before being chosen as the Patriarch for his prowess in battle.


Vurmud Tallmoon was born in the Bull Caves and grew up in the protection of that place. At a young age he was deemed strong enough to move into the camp outside so his mother could take in an orphaned calf. Once outside, he began to accompany the hunting parties. The bulls in the hunting parties were very fond of him and admired his phenomenal endurance at such a young age. With good aim, he was selected to be a javelineer in the hunting parties while others played the role of protecting him from larger predators in the Menace Woods.

By the time he was considered a bull, he was a respected hunter with hundreds of kills to his name and a number of older minotaurs indebted to his javelin for having saved them from bigger beasts.  His judgement and knowledge were well known and many considered that he would become a mage and add great value.

Levels 1-18

Vurmud stayed near the Bull Caves and was soon leading hunting parties. Though he was as excited as the others by the prospect of learning magic, Vurmud’s training to improve his hands was accompanied by more hunting than study and he was soon a renown warrior among those near the Bull Caves.  He began to rage against the beasts that threatened his community.  Still, the dream of magic remained.  He continued to improve his dexterity, and when a minotaur mage visited the caves, he studied with him vigorously and by the time mage left had seen his first success with magic. From thenceforth he was incorrigible in his studies and soon his spell enhanced javelins were punching explosively through drake scales. When the Patriarch died, there was little question who would be selected to take his place: Vurmud “Crack-Karza” Tallmoon.

Strength: 21, Constitution: 30, Dexterity: 21,

Wisdom: 15, Intelligence: 20, Charisma: 11

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Javelin) XSunder X, Battle Magic IX, Armed Casting V, Magical Intuition IV, Rush IVRage IV, Spell Casting II, Headbutt II, Death Throes II, Marksmanship I, War Cry I, Arcane Knowledge I

Skills: Weapon Skill X, Agility V, Second Hand II

Vurmud is a warrior who can throw a spell into his combat at will. He has a lot of options in a fight, whether to throw javelins, cast spells, rush in with his war hammer, or a mix of them all.  Whatever his choice, he is well equipped to defend his people.

Rather than discuss each of these approaches, we’ll explore Vurmud in battle in a feature later today: “Crack-Karza” vs. a Karza!


As a player, would you mess with Vurmud “Crack-Karza” Tallmoon? Remember, he would in general have other minotaurs with him. As a Master Weaver, how would have him behave? Comment below and let us know.

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