World Building Wednesday-The Bull Caves

HungryMountsIn the Eastern foothills of the Hungry Mounts and near the edge of the Menace Wood, there is a community of minotaurs huddled in the wilds of the Midgeland. Though there are other roving minotaurs in the Midgeland, this community is well known by most of them to be a place for shelter for elderly minotaurs and families.  The lone minotaurs of the area gather there for ceremonies celebrating the full moons and other celestial events.

The Bull Caves have not been expanded for generations. They currently have chambers for very comfortably housing up to 20 minotaur families within the safety of the caves. Often, other minotaurs will be found camped outside the caves.  The minotaurs outside the cave are usually hardier as the frail and sickly are given spaces within the caves.

The records of Reach have complimentary things to say about the minotaurs of the Bull Caves. Some of their explorers received warm welcomes and shelter after fighting their way to them through the Menace Woods. At the time, the explorers promised to devote resources to help the minotaurs secure more territory. The treaty, signed by the minotaur patriarch at the time and the leader of the explorers, defined that the minotaurs would fend off the orcs of the Hungry Mounts until the army of Reach could defeat the lizardfolk and the Empire of Wesarin. With the empire crushed, their army would return to relieve the minotaurs and drive back the orcs.  The minotaurs were assured that relief would come within the next year.

The minotaurs never heard from the settlers of Reach again and they suffered greatly in the 5 year protracted campaign they carried out against the orcs. The minotaurs have not yet recovered from their devotion to that long lost war. It remains a powerful part of their lore and they are still highly distrustful of humans and elves.


The Bull Caves are labyrinthine over two levels. The resident minotaurs know the tunnels well, but they can prove confusing to intruders, including the occasional karza. With residences for 20 families, the caves hold 60-100 minotaurs at any given time. Those in the cave will usually include the young, the cows, the sick, and the elderly and few of them will be battle ready, instead dedicating their days to crafts such as weaving and cooking.  Some will go forth to gather behind hunting parties during the day.

Especially during hard times, the caves may only house a single warrior: the patriarch. The Patriarch of the Bull Caves is a highly respected figure who is charged with overseeing the protection of the caves and who leads the Council when the congregate. He is always an elderly bull who, while perhaps past his prime, was chosen for his excellent reputation in battle. The patriarch is honored with the presiding seat at all ceremonies. Patriarchs serve the community and are proud to offer their lives in the protection of the caves.

Apart from the patriarch, there are usually a number of minotaurs camped outside the caves who are capable of battle. These minotaurs are happy to serve guard shifts within the tunnels and during the day form hunting parties to bring food to the caves and protect the gatherers.

The minotaurs tell legends of great bones unearthed during the digging of the Bull Caves. These tales were included in the Reach record of them.

As a player, how would you handle this community? What if you were playing an elf or a human? Would you expect to be able to learn about the Hungry Mount dragon from their legends? As a Master Weaver, how would you use this community? Let us know below.

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