Ability Tuesday-Rush

RushA Rush is a type of move and attack that allows the attacker to move in a straight line at a higher than maximum speed before attacking.  Rushing fatigues more than normal moves and attacks and doubles the chance of tripping or being tripped. It is very useful for closing on mages before they can finish a spell.

Characters with no levels in Rush can only rush at 1 1/2 speed and get a -5 To-Hit penalty on the attack. Levels in Rush increase the speed at which the character can Rush and reduce this penalty. At higher levels, the character gets a bonus To-Hit when Rushing and can Rush very fast.

Because Rush is a move and attack, fast weapons lose there speed bonus, so it favors heavier, slower weapons.

Rush is a major ability. Brawlers, Fighters, and Berserkers are able to learn Rush normally. However, minotaurs gain an automatic level in Rush automatically, and there are certainly ways to justify it as a backstory or cross-class ability, though it is not common.

Would Rush fit into your fighting style? How would you want to use it? Comment below to let us know.

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