Character Thursday-Mika Daktu (Kobold Sniper/Rogue)

Mika Daktu is a PC with her origins in the Skeleton Wood. She is a rogue, built to be a sniper with a heavy bow for her strength.


Mika Daktu was hatched to refugee kobolds who had recently lost their tribe, barely managing to save their clutch of eggs as they fled the scene of the skeleton attack.  She and her siblings had to grow up fast.  Most of them did not survive their first year of life. Mika was very smart and had nimble fingers.  By her third year she was one of very few remaining in the refugee group.  Already she was contributing to the group in a significant way as a lookout, scout, and support archer.  She continued to improve, but the skeletons harrying her little group continued to close in.  Eventually they overtook them and despite her best efforts, a bow is not a suitable weapon against a fleshless foe. Mika was the only living kobold she knew of to escape that encounter.

Fleeing desperately, she made her way to the Tinen outpost on the edge of the Skeleton Woods.  She offered her skills as an archer to the outpost and was offered a position with a small party going out to fight the skeletons and ultimately move to investigate the Crying Hold.

Levels 1-10

Mika served the party as an archer and scout, but her bow was of little use against the skeletons they set out against.  She picked up a sling from a Kobold tribe and began to be more effective.  With months of hunting skeletons getting them nowhere, they moved closer to the Chattering Mounts in order to work their way toward the Crying Hold.  With goblins harassing their journey, Mika took up her bow again, glad for fleshy targets.  Their party continues to build a sense that the skeletons and other undead originate from the Crying Hold.  Wanting to end the skeleton infestation of her homeland and save her people, Mika is eager to reach this focus and confront its source.  She trains always for the opportunity to put an arrow through the legendary lich’s cold heart.  With the bow of one of his stalkers in hand, she plans to return some of his black arrows.

Strength: 12, Constitution: 14, Dexterity: 30,

Wisdom: 10, Intelligence: 18, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Long Shot VII, Marksmanship III, Sneak Strike IV, Weapon Mastery (Bow) III, Pick Lock V, Stillness V, Climb III, Find Hidden III, Hide II, Pick Pocket I

Skills: Stealth VIII, Perception IV

At low levels, Mika was hampered in her archery growth due to an inconvenient foe, skeletons, who resist damage from arrows.  This means that she had to make some choices, like Marksmanship instead of Weapon Mastery, that reduced her ability to optimize for the bow.  They add the ability to do alright with a sling, but that ability will only come up again if she meets more skeletons and has no one better to shoot.

Still, she has a lot of potential to achieve her final goal (killing Shilin Wesliniss the Crying Hold Lich) with her abilities.  She is using a stalker’s 60# bow, which is the heaviest bow she can use without penalty at 12 Strength.  This bow does 1d10 damage, has an effective range of 180 feet, and can fire every other round with her strength.  With Longshot VII, she can extend her range to 360 feet with no penalty and as far as 540 feet with only a -4 To-Hit.  With climbing bonuses, lots of stealth, and good lock picking skills, Mika has a good chance of getting a sneak strike in on the lich.

Let’s look at what that shot might look like. A shot from 500 feet or so while she is still and undetected has a To-Hit roll of 4*(3d6)+13.  This has a minimum of 25 and will always hit. The more important question is how much of a critical multiplier she can hope for.  A roll of 7 is high enough to get a 2x multiplier, a roll of 12 is high enough to get a 3x multiplier, and a roll of 17 is high enough to get a 4x multiplier. This is a 9.26% chance of normal damage, a 53.24% chance of double damage, a 35.65% chance of triple damage, and a 1.85% chance of quadruple damage. This gives an average critical multiplier of 2.3.  With an additional Sneak Strike multiplier of (1.8+3)=4.8 and a 1d10 damage die with average 5.5, she can expect an average damage of over 60 hit points (though with a lot of variance, she could easily be a lot higher or a lot lower).  The lich’s lack of flesh nearly halves this damage to just over 30 points, but assuming the Lich is using most of his soul field to maintain his thousands of undead and given the fact she can get off 10 shots while still, Mika has a chance of taking the lich down with maybe 7 shots if her hiding place is good enough to keep her Sneak Strike multiplier.  She is likely to need a few more levels or a little help from her party.

Would you play a sniper character like Mika? Would you use a Kobold, or would you prefer another race?  How does her semi-heroic motive strike you?  How would you like having this character in your party?  Comment below and let us know.

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