World Building Wednesday-Undead Strike Force

Lately our world building posts have been mostly focused on the Midgeland.  I don’t have a really good idea for deviating from that, but all of the remaining regions in the Midgeland seem to be reserved for later.  Rather than doing a region, today we’ll talk about an encounter (we’ve done this once before with a lizardfolk war party.)  This encounter is a group of undead like Shilin “The Serpent’s Fang” Wesliniss might send out to deal with a group of 4 level 10 adventurers moving too deep into his realm.

  • Stalker1 Level 12 Goblin Stalker
  • 1 Level 12 Kobold Death Knight on Wolfback
  • 2 Level 8 Goblin Void Walkers
  • 40 Level 1-4 Skeletons of mixed races
    • 4 Level 4
    • 8 Level 3
    • 12 Level 2
    • 16 Level 1
  • 6 Level 1-2 Creepers of mixed races
    • 2 Level 2
    • 4 Level 1
  • 16 Level 2-4 Wraiths of mixed races
    • 4 Level 4
    • 4 Level 3
    • 8 Level 2
  • 60 Zombies of mixed races

In this group, the death knight would provide the leadership of the main force while the stalker would lead the scouting effort of himself and the six creepers.  The scouts would avoid engagement if possible, but might be used to harass the party and lead them into an ambush.

A successful ambush would the speed of the void walkers and the mounted death knight to maneuver the party to engage the slower skeletons and wraiths and then the much slower zombies.  The undead force’s victory would be largely dependent on their ability to engage the party with sufficient simultaneous force.

Depending on party make up, this could be a very hard or fairly easy encounter.  If they are a fairly mobile party, they should be able to take out the scouts without getting lured into an ambush and fight the foe on their own terms.  If they have a lot of fast damage available, they might be able to wipe out the more mobile elements of the undead force before getting hemmed in. However, with skeletons taking little damage from conventional magic or from many kinds of weapons, that part of the force could prove troublesome if the party isn’t armed properly. With wraiths taking no physical damage, they’ll need some magic to handle that threat.  And with void walkers being resistant to most forms of damage, they could be a threat if not focused down properly.

On the other hand, with magics focused on fighting undead and warriors built for fighting large groups, the party could conceivably make this fight a very short and easy one.  A party with the right stealth and scouting capabilities could easily take out the undead scouts unnoticed and make their own ambush on the remaining group.

As with the Lizard War Party, we will probably take some time in the future to play out this encounter with a party of 4 level 10 adventurers.

As a player, how would your choice character fit into this fight?  As a Master Weaver, how would you play this encounter? What tricks would you have up your sleeve? Would you be willing to throw them into a very dangerous spot? Let us know below.

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