Ability Tuesday-Marksmanship and Long Shot

You might have noticed that yesterday’s Stalker had two abilities we had never talked about.  Marksmanship and Longshot are two of the core abilities for a long-range, sniper-style archer.

MarksmanshipMarksmanship is a measure of how well the character chooses and executes shots.  It applies to all mundane ranged attacks as the knack for projectile physics and shot calling is transferable.  Marksmanship is a core ability for anyone making ranged attacks.  It is more efficient for increasing effectiveness than Weapon Skill, but less efficient than Weapon Mastery.

It is common for hunters and soldiers who frequently used bows to have marksmanship as a backstory ability.  It can also be easy to get the ability cross-class with a little training and practice.  Rangers and Rogues always have the option to take this ability.

Long Shot is a measure of the character’s mastery of the parabolic arc.  It reduces To-Hit penalties for the longer ranges of the weapon, but also allows the character to take shots effectively at longer ranges.  A character with enough levels of long shot can take shots up to 3 times the range of his weapon for untrained users (in the case of projectile weapons, thrown weapons have a ceiling at double the range).

Long shot can come from backstory or as a cross class ability with training.  As with Marksmanship, only Rangers and Rogues always have the option to take Long Shot as an ability.

These are both major abilities, which makes it hard to have a lot of both.  However, they are good options for a deadly sniper.

Would you play a sniper character? Would you use these abilities to hit targets from a safe distance or do you prefer to be in the thick of things? Comment below to let us know.

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