Progress Update-Reading a Map

Alright!  Finally forced myself to do some coding today and got enough code produce this lovely image:MapRead“Well, that’s hardly more impressive than your last map image post, James,” you might say.  But that’s where you’re wrong!  This map image was generated not from a list of map blocks hard coded into the page, but from a map file in .mwml (codified xml) format.  That map has bits off to the edges that could be seen if I changed his position just a little.  Hopefully next week I’ll be able to code movement and have a video or something of that to show.

Why am I so proud of this achievement?  Because for two weeks now the map read and display code looked like this:MapCodeAsOf20_10_2013And now it looks like this:Code

I wrote basically all of that today, despite a midterm tomorrow.  That means I might actually be getting the gumption together to start coding again and hitting my self imposed deadlines.  Yay!


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