Saturday Spell-Detect Life

DetectLife“Liu,” Karux Famil intoned.  He had heard a sound in the hedge garden.

A surge of information confirmed that a group of guards was congregated a hedge away.

“Better not go that way,” Karux murmured, choosing a new path.

Detection spells are just nice.  They’re simple to write and the rules are really straight-forward.  Detect Life is among the most useful detection spells.  This is a swift version of the spell, but pure magic could add more power and for most casters would get a larger bonus.

Right Hand:

Light (Full), Life (Full)

saying “liu”

With 4 DoP, this spell results in an instantaneous perception check of 4d6 for life.  This means it can detect living things in line of sight that the character’s normal vision might not have seen without levels in Perception.  It is also enough power that life can be detected over a short range through walls.

Living things made invisible to normal vision will still be detected by this spell unless they have magical detection concealment which the spell cannot overcome.  I should do a spell for magical detection concealment some time, since it comes up so often.  It would be hard to draw, I guess.

This simple application of life detection costs 28 SP.  It has a casting time of 0.67 second for a right-handed caster with no Agility and 15 Dexterity and  2 seconds for a similar left-handed caster.  This makes it great for a quick check every once in a while.  A higher cost, higher range spell would take longer, but could be cast less often.  The order finger could also be added to make the spell an encharge and spread the spell power over time to avoid recasting.

Would you get life and detection syllables to cast a spell like this? Would you like to see a variation of this spell? Any other spells you’d like to see done in the Mind Weave system? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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