Character Thursday-The Doctor (Time Lord)

Happy Halloween! Figured I ought to do something special.  Since the wife and I are going as the “William’s Family” (Pregnant Amy and Ponytail Rory) from Doctor Who, I figured I’d round out the trio with The Doctor here.  Hardly an optimized character, and not really a Mind Weave style character. Still, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Backstory and Levels 1-40

Trained like most Time Lords, he fought in the Time War against the Daleks.  In a defining moment, he was forced to make the decision to destroy his own race in order to save the universe.  He ended the time war with that decision, but from then on had to wander in space and time alone.

As the sole remaining Time Lord, the Doctor took his stolen TARDIS and made himself the defender of the universe and timeline. Along the way, he picks up human companions, apparently because he needs company.  He can be very convincing.

(As you know, I hardly do him justice.  If you must have the backstory, here’s hours of reading.)

Strength: 6, Constitution: 8, Dexterity: 14,

Wisdom: 36, Intelligence: 36, Charisma: 25

Abilities: Understand Artifact XVIII, Arcane Knowledge XVIII, Persuade X, Gather Followers X, Convince X, Rallying Call XV, Create Facsimile V, Infiltrator’s Intuition XV, Emulate XV, Speak to Animals II, Speak to Plants II

Skills: Perception XXX, Diplomacy XXX

With these stats he’s great at troubleshooting tough situations with the ability to take just about any mistake back.  He’s a quick learner and can build just about anything.  Also, a good communicator.

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