World Building Wednesday-The Hungry Mounts

HungryMountsThe Hungry Mounts are the Northern mountain range in the Midgeland. They are so called because little that cross the Hungry Hills ever returns.  Stories of the hungry creatures that came down out of the mounts recovered from the Ruins of Reach help to confirm the images of the mounts as a ravenous, man-eating geography.

While it is true that the dragon that destroyed Reach lived in the Hungry Mounts, neither Alvar nor Tinen has been able to confirm the continuing existence of the dragon.  Some argue that the presence of many drakes is evidence that the dragon is still there. The orc tribes that control most of the mountains and hills have had a few members defect to Alvar.  None of these defectors has been able to confirm the existence of the dragon.

The orcs of the Hungry Mounts live hard lives.  They are tough people, but their struggles are great.  They fight daily among themselves for power and food, but they are also threatened by the abundance of drakes in the area.  Having lived in the hills and mountains for millennia, the orcs are wary of leaving.  They have legends of the dangers beyond their mounts.

As a player, would you go to the Hungry Mounts to find the dragon?  As a Master Weaver, would it be there? What other situations might draw players to the Hungry Mounts? What kind of trouble could they get into? Let us know below.

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