Ability Tuesday-Weapon Mastery

Weapon Mastery is an ability taken in a specific weapon (e.g. Bow, Short Sword, Flail, etc). It represents particular training in the chosen weapon.  The first level of Weapon Mastery removes the novice penalty from the weapon, making it useful for unwieldy weapons like flails, scythes, throwing axes, whips, and rapiers.  At later levels, it rapidly increases accuracy with a specific weapon and adds a little damage.  While there are other ways to improve general weapon ability, Weapon Mastery is the quickest way to become dangerous with a given weapon.

It is a major ability typically learned by Fighters, Paladins (Melee), Rangers (Ranged), and Rogues (Ranged), but it is a common backstory ability for characters with military background and any character can get it cross class with practice.

Would you specialize in a single weapon to make your character more powerful? What weapon would you choose? If not, what advantage do you see to be prolific with your weapons? Comment below to let us know.

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