Character Thursday-Aktu Choka (Kobold Fighter)

Aktu Choka is a pretty standard stock kobold fighter generated using the population generator. Being the most fighter apt of 30, he was advanced to level 5.  Being from the Skeleton Wood, he is generated specially to be a skeleton fighter.

Backstory and Levels 1-5

Aktu Choka was born into an age of terror.  His kobold tribe was on the run from skeletons and he grew up in rough conditions.  He grew up in an air of desperation and was determined to fight it.  He was tougher and stronger than most in his tribe and recognized his leadership role.  Warriors in his tribe tended to die young and never advanced very far, but he was willing to accept that cost for his people.  He eagerly took up a club in each hand to fight off the skeletons.

So far, he has fared better than most and continues to fight tenaciously, advancing to be the most powerful warrior in his tribe’s short memory.

Strength: 19, Constitution: 19, Dexterity: 16,

Wisdom: 10, Intelligence: 10, Charisma: 14

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Club) V, Crusade (Skeletons) IV, Climb I

Skills: Weapon Skill V, Second Hand IV

Low level and focused on bashing skeletons, Aktu has a pretty simple list of abilities.  He has a right-handed dexterity of 16 and a left-handed dexterity of 14.  With a +9 To-Hit, he has a 95% chance of hitting with either hand under normal conditions.  His bonuses provide +4 damage on successful club attacks for 1.9*(1d6)+4 damage and an additional +10 damage against skeletons.  With clubs, Aktu exploits the low blunt armor value of skeletons for maximum damage.

In the oppressed, low-level communities of the kobolds in the Skeleton Woods, Aktu would the highest level leader of a group of kobolds.  The other kobolds would be mostly level 1 or 0 soldiers.  They would be very quick to negotiate with a party of any kind they believe could help them against the skeletons.  They don’t have the man-power to engage in unnecessary battles against even weaker enemies.

Would a character like Aktu play a significant role in your campaign?  Would you work with the character as a player?  He’s not built to fight you, would you take him on?  Comment below and let us know.

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