World Building Wednesday-The Skeleton Wood

SkeletonWoodSouth the of the Demon Swamp in the Midgeland, the first obstacle met by explorers from Tinin is the Skeleton Wood.  Though the Lizardfolk of the Demon Swamp patrol the northern edge of wood, it is (true to its name) largely controlled by skeletons raised by Shilin “The Serpent’s Fang” Wesliniss.  These skeletons are made of of various races, but they are mostly kobold skeletons hunted in the region in the last millennium. A number of kobolds still live in the area, fighting and hiding from skeletons.

Due to the almost lax nature of the area’s defense and the fractured patrols, Tinin frequently makes excursions into the Skeleton Woods.  They fight skeleton patrols often, finding they are not hard to destroy and thinking to reduce their numbers.  They rarely encounter encounter the elusive kobolds, but have made some overtures in the hopes of forming some sort of alliance with them.  The kobolds are, for now, willing to help the skeleton crushing patrols.

Would you set a campaign or part of a campaign in the Skeleton Woods?  As a player, would you enjoy a quest to win the Kobold’s trust?  What would you do to win their trust?  As a Master Weaver, what would you do to draw players into the Skeleton Wood? Let us know below.

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