Saturday Spell-Resurrect

“Good Afternoon, Dana.  What’s the panic?”

“Healer! It’s my boy: Darius.  He fell from the hayloft.  He ain’t breathin’.”

“Calm down, Dana.  Little boys are quite easy to restore to life.  Lay him here.”

The distraught mother lay the boy on the table and the healer stood over him.  “On De Grai,” he intoned solemnly, extending his right ring finger over the body.  Light flowed into the boy and he gasped a breath, sitting up with a jolt.

ResurrectResurrection in Mind Weave is mostly a matter of power.  While a few components are needed, it is no more than any other spell.  Any source of life energy (Life (Full), Life (Half), and the Advanced Des Arc) is suitable, but advanced mastery of the Ra arc is required to apply healing to the dead.  The “de” (heal) and “grai” (animal) syllables are also needed.  A power syllable is helpful to increase the power.  After all, the rule for resurrection is that the magic must be sufficient to restore the dead all the way from (-HP-20) up to at least -10.  High level and high constitution characters can take a lot of power to heal.

Below is a description of how the spell might be cast to heal a high level brawler, berserker, fighter, paladin, or ranger.

Right Hand:

Ra (Good Radius): Life (Full)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Half)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Full)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Half)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Full)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Half)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Full)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Half)

Des (Energy Arc): Life (Full)

Ra (Good Radius): Life (Half)

saying “min de grai”

I’m using a ton of power here, but the more power used, the more likely the resurrection will “take.”  With 3*(18d6+10d3+5) healing power, I average 264 HP of healing.  This is enough to bring back a level 15 character with as much as 32 constitution.  He’d still be unconscious and need quite a bit of work to get back in fighting shape, but he’d be alive.  A level 15 character with 16 constitution would be restored from death to full health.

But in this case, talking in averages is a dangerous game.  In the case of the 16 constitution character, even a low roll (the minimum roll is 99, but there is essentially 0% chance I roll under 138, the minimum for the resurrection to succeed.  I rolled 50 million times and the lowest I got was a 159) would be enough to bring him back, just a little weakened.  But in the case of the 32 constitution character, I only have about a 50% chance of bringing him back, a low roll means the spell fails entirely.

The spell cost is 464 SP, which sounds like a lot, but by level 15 a cleric with minimum wisdom (14) and intelligence (12) has 1140 total SP.  It’s just a good reason to make sure the spell has enough power to succeed.  It has a casting time of 13.33 seconds for a right-handed caster with no Agility and 15 Dexterity and 20 seconds for a similar left-handed caster.  The casting time isn’t a problem, since this isn’t really a spell for time sensitive situations.

That said, at level one when characters generally have between 10 and 20 HP, an effective resurrection spell could be cast (if the caster has specialized to those components) in just a couple of seconds.  A highly specialized healer could cast a “on” level healing spell with a single life finger in 2.33 seconds with an average of 14 healing (before bonuses) and a cost of 64 SP.  So, at lower levels, resurrection is in reach at higher speed, but also higher SP cost in percentages.

What do you think of resurrection in Mind Weave?  Would you choose the components needed to get resurrection early on? Any spells you’d like to see done in the Mind Weave system? Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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