World Building Wednesday-The Ruin Wood

RUinWoodIn the center of the Midgeland, between the Crying Hold and the Ruins of Reach is the Ruin Wood.  The Ruin Wood is so named for the many dead villages that pock it’s thickly forested hills.

As land that was controlled by the Empire of Wesarin but then quickly captured and colonized by the settlers of Reach,  the Ruin Wood is currently under the protection of Shilin “The Serpent’s Fang” Wesliniss.

Not seeing much value in the no-mans-land of the last war, Shilin employs only a few patrols of undead to keep a watch on the area.  He has a mutually beneficial alliance with a community of vampires that occupies one of the larger walled villages.  The community’s leader is an elven vampire lord who crossed with the settlers of Reach, but most of his thralls are orcs taken from the Hungry Hills.

In addition to vampires and Shilin’s patrols, the woods are haunted by the spirits of fallen humans, elves, and lizardfolk that survive as specters and ghosts after the quick and deadly war of invasion.

As a player, what kinds of encounters would you expect in the Ruin Wood?  Would you seek out the vampires?  What other things might draw you there?  As a Master Weaver, what would you do to draw players into the Ruin Wood?  Or would you at all? Let us know below.

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