Ability Tuesday-Release Undead

Release Undead is an ability that allows the user to free the victims of necromancy from their undead state.  In the case of animated dead, it releases the body from the necromancer’s control, never to be animated again.  In the case of called undead, the restless spirit and body of the wild undead is released and finds peace.  In the case of sentient undead, such as Liches and Vampires, the undead is able to make a Will check of (Will+1)/2*(3d6) against the level of Release Undead+5.  Sentient undead can choose to fail this check if they desire release.  Release Undead usually kills sentient undead, but vampires for example have a chance of surviving in a living state.

Levels in Release Undead make it more powerful and cheaper in SP to release a given undead.  More levels also increase the range at which an undead can be released, beginning as a touch ability at level 1 and increasing from there.

It is a minor ability typically learned by Necromancers and Priests, but could be learned cross class by any character concerned with the peace of undead.

Would you get release undead?  It can be a good way to take down powerful undead like Liches and Vampires.  How would you work it into your character?  Comment below to let us know.

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