Monster Monday-Vampire

Vampires are a kind of sentient undead, like Liches. While they are undead, they are not inherently evil, but often become so due to the means they require to survive. Vampires are particularly unique undead in that they retain most of their living talents with a few bonuses and weaknesses added.

VampireHealth Points: By Level and Constitution

Spell Points: By Level, Intelligence, and Wisdom

Attack: By weapon

Special Attack: Suck blood, does 8 hp damage/round, heals the vampire 4 hp, 5% infection chance per round.

Special Defense: Immune to mundane metal weapons, except silver

Strength: As Living +4

Constitution: As Living -2

Dexterity: As Living +2

Wisdom: As Living -2

Intelligence: As Living

Charisma As Living +2

Speed: As Living +3

Armor: By armor

Special: Animal Form (Vampire Bat) XX, Direct Sunlight Damages 10 HP/second, Garlic works as Turn ability, double damage from silver weapons, life magic damages for half damage, heal at half mortal speed, do not age, other abilities as prior to vampirism.

Description: Vampires are an especially sinister form of undead.  The virus that carries vampirism preserves the victim’s mind intact, though the victim almost always becomes bitter and secluded out of necessity.  The vampire may have good intentions, but must drink blood to maintain its own life.  Each day that a vampire does not drink blood it takes ⅛ of its health in damage.  For this reason their existence is rejected by society.  Magical attempts to cure the vampire of the virus, if successful, have a 75% chance of killing the vampire.  One who is infected by a vampire has 25 hours before becoming a full vampire.  Until that time, the virus can be cured by magic or miracle with only a 3% chance of killing the victim per hour that has passed since infection.

Many vampires wield the weapons they used in life and some can even wield magic, whether from living memory or later learning.  A vampire will often answer the call of a necromancer, but will do so only in order to negotiate terms on which to assist the necromancer.  They can be commanded, but only for short periods(half normal command undead time).

As a player, would you be willing to become a vampire for the bonuses it offers?  What kind of complications would you expect? As a Master Weaver, how would you use vampires? We’ll be giving an example this week. Comment below to share your thoughts.

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