Character Thursday-Xur Tarfist (Goblin Necromancer King)

Today’s character is an NPC generated to be in the upper echelons of NPCs.  He is the goblin king Xur Tarfist who built the Chattering Hall and declared war on the Empire of Wesarin.  He is also the goblin necromancer who was animated as a Dead Lord and sent to occupy the Ruins of Reach.

Backstory and Levels 1-15

Xur Tarfist was born to the leader of a small pack of goblins.  From a young age he showed promise and his father was eager to see him growing in power.  While his father was yet alive, Xur led the pack’s raiding parties, subjecting other goblin groups to him.  He was also able to establish alliances.  The pack had swelled to over 100 goblins, one of the largest packs in the area, by the time Xur’s father died.  Xur took control of the tribe.

By this time Xur had begun to dabble in dark magics and had been called upon by the Goddess of Fire and Death, Tyrsiana.  Stories among the Midgeland goblins always cast necromancy in the role of villain, so Xur kept his worship of Tyrsiana and his experiments with undead a secret.  Under her guidance he built what would become known as the Chattering Hall.  Under her guidance Xur opposed the Lizardfolk of the Empire of Wesarin.  And shortly after Reach was founded, King Tarfist obeyed Tyrsiana and rallied the goblins to assault the the Empire of Wesarin.

Strength: 10, Constitution: 19, Dexterity: 25,

Wisdom: 20, Intelligence: 35, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Spell Casting XII, Stealth Magic I, Arcane Knowledge VIII, Magical Intuition VI, Reactive Casting I, Animate Dead IX, Call Undead III, Prayer IX, Tracking I, Persuade II

Skills: Second Hand V, Diplomacy I, Stealth I

Xur is a pretty powerful mage.  He has a lot of components with 16/24 words, 22/24 arcs and radii, and 22/36 fingers.  He also receives a +22 DoP bonus to spells that use at least one of each component type up, doubling the power of most any spell he would be casting. With Magical Intuition, he is very capable of bending magic to his will.  Second Hand V means his left and right handed spells are the same speed, he is perfectly ambidextrous.

Though he hides his necromancy from his people, Xur is able to support a large horde of 600 undead if his SP allows.  We know from the story of Shilin “The Serpent’s Fang” Wesliniss that Xur brought undead to bear against him.  Perhaps he became more open in his worship of Tyrsiana when the war began.  With Prayer IX and a high level of favor with Tyrsiana, he would have been expected to get support from her.

Shilin, however, was much more powerful than Xur and once Shilin had his own undead he engaged Xur in personal combat.  Shilin defeated Xur, as would be expected (though it might be interesting to play out the encounter some time), and animated him as a Dead Lord to serve as a sub-commander in his horde.  He was sent to Reach to Hold it with a contingency of 100 undead, mostly low level.

Xur as a Dead Lord

Health Points: 96

Spell Points: 3200

Attack: 1d4 (fists)

Special Attack: Touch of Death IV

Dexterity: 12

Strength: 10

Speed: 20

Armor: 0 0 0

Special:  Can sustain up to 100 undead as with Animate Dead IV.

As a Master Weaver, what kinds of undead would you have Shilin deploy to the Ruins of reach with Xur?  How would you have Xur behave as a Dead Lord?  As a player, what would you expect to see in him?  Comment below and let us know.

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