Monster Monday-Dead Lord

DeadLordHealth Points: 6*level

Spell Points: 200*level

Attack: 1d4 (fists)

Special Attack: Touch of Death Level/4

Dexterity: 12

Strength: 10

Speed: 20

Armor: 0 0 0

Special:  Can sustain other undead (not self unless without master) as with Animate Dead Level/4.

Puppeteer’s Staff-Staff grants Command Undead IX, 3 commands per day.

Description: In the rare opportunities that a necromancer chances upon the body of another necromancer to be animated, having failed to become a lich, the necromancer can animate him as a dead lord.  The dead lord, while not so large a threat in combat as other undead, can use its spell points to sustain additional undead for his master.  The cost of maintenance must be expressly passed to the dead lord and if the dead lord should be killed while maintaining undead, those undead will also fall.  If a dead lord is still alive when its master is killed, it will continue living, maintaining itself at the cost of some few of those previously allotted to it.  It will live on under its own power, continuing to control those undead given it by its master, until it is destroyed.

Dead Lords are animated necromancers.

As a player, would you look for other necromancers to animate?  Would you keep them nearby or let them go off on their own? As a Master Weaver, how would you use one? We’ll be giving an example this week. Comment below to share your thoughts.

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