Saturday Spell-Mud Pit

My latest technique for coming up with spells that breach a new genre of spell (without getting really complicated) is to look at the purpose and form words and decide which ones we haven’t used.  That pretty much guarantees I am exploring a new concept and not just a new application of old concepts. Today’s spell is an exploration of “bi gruo” or “degrade material.”  One fairly straight forward use of this is to emulate the D&D spell Transmute Rock to Mud.  In this spell we do something like it, but in the form of a trap.MudPit

Left Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Chaotic (Indirect)

Ya (Earth Radius):

Ya (Earth Radius): Chaotic (Indirect)

Vi (Water Radius):

Vi (Water Radius): Chaotic (Indirect)

Neta (Natural Radius):

Right Hand:

Neta (Natural Radius): Water (Full)

Vi (Water Radius):

Vi (Water Radius):

Vi (Water Radius):

Vi (Water Radius):

Neta (Natural Radius):

saying “juo bi gruo”

Now to how this spell really works.  The simple bit is that the spell needs to be cast on a roughly weapon sized object, maybe a log or a stone.  When the object is disturbed, the spell is triggered (with the Wind (Indirect) finger and the liu (detect) syllable, you could make it trigger if anything passes within 8 feet).  Because we’re using an encharge we’re limited to 16 DoP, which should be plenty, but we lose something else if we add range to the detection.

Triggering the spell releases power representing 8d6 cubic feet of water, 2d6 cubic feet of earth, and 6 DoP of AoE power.  How do we use this power?  Our spell says it’s using it to degrade material.  With advanced mastery of the earth arc, this means we can affect the local earth.  We want to affect it buy turning it into mud.

So how do we deal with cubic foot values with an area of effect value?  Well it needs some kind of special rule, doesn’t it?  You can just produce 28 cubic feet of water at the center and then 24.36 cubic feet a foot away in all directions and then 21.2 cubic feet two feet away in all directions and so on.  That’s an insane multiplication of total volume, especially since all directions includes up and down.

Right, so we need some kind of special rule, and distribution just doesn’t justify using the extra power to get the area of effect, volume distributes anyway.  The first order of business is to not let the volume get multiplied over a volume.  When dealing with volumes and AoE, the volume power becomes the height and depth <MathStuff>normal to a plane over which the AoE takes effect.  The height and depth in a given square foot of the AoE plane uses the AoE value of the farthest part of the square foot.  This height and depth is further divided by the number of AoE DoP.</MathStuff> If you just glazed over that, then for our case the spell penetrates into the ground (10d6)/6*AoEmax in each cell.

For the raw numbers, this spell on average creates a mud depth of 5 feet near the center of the mud pit, up to 8 feet away the mud is still about 2 feet deep.  More than 12 feet away it is less than 1 foot deep and by 25 feet from the center it is a negligible 2 inches deep.

The spell cost is 94 SP. As a two handed spell, the casting time is complicated, but since it is a trap the time is most likely irrelevant (it can be cast up to 3 hours before being triggered).  That said, it is a long spell that would take most casters over 10 seconds.

This spell is useful for surprising an enemy with a battle field control spell.    If you and your allies know to keep the enemy in the effected area, but stay fairly clear, then the disturbed log triggering could bog down the approaching foes very effectively and those near the center would be able to move only very slowly until they got to sturdier footing.

What did you think of this spell?  Would you use it this way or would you use a smaller version to cast quickly at single targets?  What other kinds of spells would you like to see?  Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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