Character Thursday-Felin Mix (Goblin Rogue Survivalist)

Felin Mix is a PC built using 5d6b3, the highest stat roll with fully random values.  He got some good rolls, and the goblin bonuses to his stats, he comes out pretty well optimized. He spends his first level as a magic-user, then spends three more as a thief before becoming a rogue.  His backstory puts him in a position to join a party once at a high level.

Backstory and Levels 1-10

Felin was brilliant, he was the smartest goblin he or any of his pack mates had ever known.  But that wasn’t all, he was quick too, and tough.  He was an incredible athlete, out classing all of his peers in their games. In his youth his pack was fairly powerful and controlled the Chattering Hall.  His pack leader picked him out for his brilliance and he was being groomed to be the head mage of the pack.  He was still very young when that dream was shattered. A rival pack mustered the strength to push them out of the Chattering Hall. They attacked through one of the Southern caverns while Felin was in the Northwest mushroom field and he was able to escape, with a little magic.  

With his pack scattered, Felin set out alone to survive in the mountains. He moved from pack to pack, but was never quite welcome.  He learned to sneak about and steal enough to eat.  He acquired a bow and became very proficient with it. Felin made his way in the mountains for a while, but eventually he grew tired of being surrounded by his own kind but rejected by them.  He moved down into the forest, evading Shilin’s undead and hunting alone. He became a thorn in Shilin’s side, but at least his life wasn’t boring.

Strength: 10, Constitution: 17, Dexterity: 31,

Wisdom: 16, Intelligence: 21, Charisma: 12

Abilities: Weapon Mastery (Bow) V, Long Shot IV, Sneak Strike II, Stillness II, Tracking I, See Sign I, Natural Empathy V, Infiltrator’s Intuition II, Hide II, Trap II, Climb II, Jump I , Spell Casting I, Battle Magic I, Magical Intuition I, Arcane Knowledge I, Pick Pocket I, Pick Lock I

Skills: Agility VII, Stealth IV, Perception II

This may be the longest yet list of abilities on a single character.  He’s a kind of survivalist and this myriad of skills suit him well.

First, he’s got a few combat skills that help with his bow.  Using a heavy bow which he must draw slowly, Felin takes full advantage of his Long Shot ability to triple the longer range of the heavy bow.  On particular shots he can use Stillness to get +5 To-Hit on a few shots. His mastery of the bow allows him extra damage and accuracy, and when the target is unaware of him (frequently, given his Stealth and Hide) he can deal significant extra damage with a Sneak Strike.

In day to day activity, Felin avoids conflict if possible and uses his archery primarily for hunting.  His Tracking, See Sign, and Natural Empathy all help him stalk his prey.  His high Stealth and Perception don’t hurt either.  With Inflitrator’s Intuition, he can avoid missteps and with Hide he can await prey unseen. His ability to set traps also helps him to snare certain kinds of prey.

Felin is fast, for a goblin, but his Agility is barely more than enough to match a normal speed human.  Still, with some jumping and climbing skill, he is quite athletic.

His magic, a throwback to his promising youth, is fairly limited. Some of it he can use to empower his arrows. Other components help with stealth or offer utility.  His attributes give him very high Spell Point capacity.  Though he doesn’t have a lot of options, Felin is free with his magic and uses it often just to ease his way or to ensure a shot takes a deer down.

Would you play a character like Felin?  Do you think the move to Rogue instead of following the mage path was a good move?  As a Master Weaver, how would you react to such a survivor?  Comment below and let us know.

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