Ability Tuesday-Trap and Disarm Trap

Trap is the ability to set traps and snares for either game or enemies.  The types of traps that can be built are dependent on available materials (rope, daggers, logs, etc.).  The higher the character’s level in Trap, the more likely the trap is to function (and difficult to disarm), the more damage it can inflict, and the easier it is to hide.  Hiding it uses a normal hide roll.

Disarm Trap is the character’s ability to dismantle a trap without hurting himself. Disarming a trap uses a normal ‘To-Hit’ roll with a penalty based on level in Disarm Trap. A successful roll (over 20) means the trap is disarmed and a critical failure (under 10) means the trap is sprung.

Druids, Thieves, Assassins, Bards, Rangers, and Rogues learn Trap.  Thieves, Assassins, Rangers, and Rogues learn Disarm Trap.  These abilities are easy, however, to learn cross-class with a little practice.  They are both minor abilities.

Would you be a trap master, whether arming or disarming?  How would you use trap? Comment below to let us know.

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