Progress Update-Computing the Weather

I’ve been ironing out computational issues in the weather algorithm.  The seed issue was that storm front maximum speed was limited by the cell size and update frequency.  This problem is easily solved by allowing cell size and update frequency to change to compensate for high winds.  Allowing dynamic cell size and update frequency meant that all of the other equations needed to factor them in.

Other considerations, such as transfer rates and probabilistic changes, required reworking in order to prevent negative sky opacities and rainfall rates.  I’ve also been researching things like humidity equations and actual rainfall tables to get reasonable constants to replace my placeholder values.  If I can get together the free time while on campus, I might write the whole thing up in matlab to see how she looks.

What do you think of Mind Weave?  Anything you think we could do to make it more user friendly or appealing to you?  Let us know below!

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