Saturday Spell-Smite Evil

Here’s a simple spell that has some interesting aspects.  It might be useful for a good paladin or priest type character for damaging evil foes.  Unfortunately, it also requires advanced mastery of the Sar radius, something perhaps uncommon among good casters.SmiteEvil

Left Hand:

Sar (Evil Radius): Fire (Full), Wind (Indirect)

Sar (Evil Radius):

saying “on ki jai”

The spell has a range of 16 feet and does 2*(2d6) fire damage for an average of 14 fire damage.  With advanced mastery of the Sar radius, the spell can be made to only damage evil enemies, the caster can even specify the magnitude of the evilness which it will damage.  This allows the caster to be sure he does not accidentally harm someone who might be an ally.  Other than this feature, it is equivalent to an “on” level Fire Gout spell but slower and more expensive.

The spell cost is 76 SP and it would take a left handed caster with 15 dexterity and no agility 2.67 seconds to cast.  It is a fine spell for testing a target, but is not well suited for most situations.

Would you bother with a spell like this?  Would you rather shoot first and ask questions later than do both at the same time?  What other kinds of spells would you like to see?  Tell us below and we may do it in a coming week.

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