Character Thursday-Merss Salinis (Lizardfolk Paladin)

Merss Salinis is a leader of a lizard war party like the one we discussed yesterday.  I liked lizardfolk so much, they’ve dominated the last 3 weeks, but soon we’ll be back to other races, promise.

Backstory and Levels 1-10

Merss was an exceptional youth.  His incredible strength and endurance won him the eye of the military recruiters in his tribe.  His intellect and prudence also stood out, but not until after the military had a grip on him.  One of the support cleric colonels in his first training unit noticed him and requested he be added to his triage unit.  He learned there the healing arts, both mundane and magical.  This didn’t stop him from being one of the most effective warriors in his platoon.  His good judgement and charisma quickly propelled him to higher ranks.

His promotions accompanied his increasing power.  He was ambitious and would take on tasks just within his power.  Despite this ambition, he was not reckless, but rather survived where others might have failed due to his good judgement.  The only thing holding him back from higher ranks was his youth, for he was more powerful and skilled as a leader than some of the captains and majors above him.  He longed to go forth in the name of Wesarin and crush the invaders of Alvar and Tinin.  He knew, however, that with only a platoon at his command that dream was beyond his power.  He chose to bide his time until he was given a larger command, for he knew more promotions were not far away.  He continued to do his best to prove and improve himself.

Strength: 21, Constitution: 24, Dexterity: 14,

Wisdom: 19, Intelligence: 13, Charisma: 16

Abilities: Lay on Hands V, Touch of Death V, Anticipation VII, Crusade (Elf) IV,  Crusade (Human) III, Heroic Endeavor II, Rallying Call II, Spell Casting I, Prayer II, Tend Wounds II, Persuade I

Skills: Weapon Skill X, Riding I

Merss is a direct combat character with a few battle support abilities.  In combat he gets a +5 To-Hit and+5 Damage from Weapon Skill.  Assuming he uses a two-handed weapon he also gets a 3.15 strength multiplier to attacks.  This makes his attacks more able to penetrate parries and with 14 dexterity he hits 84% of the time.  Dodging his blows is difficult as well.  With Anticipation VII the target dodges against 22 rather than 15.  This means that while unburdened targets will have a 63% chance of dodging, most burdened targets will have less.

Once per day he can also use his Heroic Endeavor to significantly increase his damage and accuracy for 5 rounds when against a difficult foe.  He crusades against elves for an additional +10 damage and against humans for an additional +8 damage.  Since these are the majority of his foes, he is very effective.  In a pinch, he can use Touch of Death to deal 24 damage to quick foes who dodge his blows or to reliably finish wounded enemies.

On the support side, Merss can quickly heal 24 hp with Lay on Hands, he can cast spells (but these are mostly healing as well), and he can tend wounds.  Perhaps his most useful support ability is Rallying Call.  With it he can boost 5 of his platoon members with extra morale and damage output for 4 rounds.  Using these support abilities to keep his platoon alive longer gives him more opportunities to swing at exposed enemies in order to guarantee his damage output.

As a Master Weaver, how would you expect your players to handle Merss? How would you run him in a fight with the players?  As a player, how would you engage him? Comment below and let us know.

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