World Building Wednesday-Lizard War Party

I don’t know if this really counts as “world building” when it’s really more like an encounter that helps flesh out the Midgeland and the Empire of Wesarin.  I’m going to outline what one of the lizard war parties from the lizardfolk civilization might look like.

Let’s talk first about size.  The war party is going to be fairly small, meant for patrolling the area around the demon swamp and perhaps a raid every now and then.  Let’s call it a 30 lizard platoon.  This is a large enough group to have a level 10 or so paladin lieutenant in command with a couple of lower level (5 maybe) sergeants below him.  These sergeants would probably be fighters, but one or both might be monks in a unit intended for special operations (though a special operation platoon would likely have an assassin in command).

The remaining 27 members of the command would be made up of mostly level 1 soldiers/fighters, though several of them would be level 2 or 3 corporals with smaller commands within the unit.  At least one of these corporals would be a cleric with a triage team of either lower level disciples/clerics or medically trained soldiers/fighters.

The unit is on foot and in general stays together.  At the least, their officers are familiar with the territory, which would give them an advantage over most intruders.  In the event of a raid, they would probably have a another smaller unit scouting for them.

With 1 Level 10 Paladin, 2 Level 5 Fighters, 3 Level 3 Fighters/Clerics, 4 Level 2 Fighters, and 20 Level 1 Fighters, the war party has an encounter level of 36+2*12.25+3*6.25+4*4+20*2.25=140.25.  This means it would be a reasonable encounter for a party of 4 level 10 characters.  The characters would need to be careful to not let the enemy’s numbers get the best of them, but in an engagement on open ground, they would expect to be able to defeat the enemy quickly enough to avoid being overwhelmed by enemy build up.

How would you handle fighting a large group of Lizardfolk?  How would you use them as a Master Weaver?  Would you like to see a party of our previous level 10 characters pitted against this encounter?  I’m toying with the idea myself.  Let us know below.

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