Saturday Spell-Detect Phylactery

I didn’t realize how much this spell fits with yesterday’s unbeatable lich.  I originally planned it with intention of use to find a phylactery (or soul jar) after defeating a lich in order to destroy him permanently.  However, it can also be used to find a lich’s phylactery before killing him, making the destruction of the lich much easier (a destroyed soul jar has a jar level of 0).

Either way, this an example of a spell that might not have a place in your spell book, but which could be useful under particular conditions.  It’s spells like these the caster will invent on the fly using the custom spell building UI. (Don’t know what I’m talking about, see this video of the magic UI.)

A party of adventurers seeks the phylactery of a defeated lich.

A party of adventurers seeks the phylactery of a defeated lich.

Right Hand:

Ra (Reveal Radius): Light (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc): Light (Half)

Des (Positivity Arc): Light (Full)

Ra (Reveal Radius): Light (Half)

Left Hand:

Ra (Reveal Radius): Death (Full)

Des (Positivity Arc): Death (Half)

Des (Positivity Arc): Death (Full)

Ra (Reveal Radius): Death (Half)

saying “liu”

Since the soul jar is an item of great death energy, both the death and life power can be justified to go toward the detection.  This power could easily be used as a brief Sense Death burst.  It might be harder to convince the Master Weaver of a phylactery detection application (he’d designate a chance of success), but a character with a little Magical Intuition should be able to make it happen under any Master Weaver.

The total power is 12d6+8d3+4, enough perception power to detect over a very long distance and through a number of walls.  This amount of power is also valuable for overcoming any magical concealment the lich might be using on his phylactery.  The caster could add more power to increase his chances.

The spell has a casting cost of 92 SP.  That’s not much for a caster high enough level to be fighting liches.  The casting time is more complicated.  If we calculate it normally for a caster with no agility and 15 dexterity, then it takes 13.33 seconds to cast.  However, I have formulated the spell to have significant parallelism and there is some discussion among the testers that this kind of parallelism in the two arms should allow the spell arcs to be traversed more quickly.  I tend to agree, but don’t want it to be that the two arms are simultaneous as it was initially, that presents balance issues on short spells.  It’s something we’re still working on, in case you wanted to know.

Would you like to invent spells for particular situations?  That’s what Mind Weave is for!  Would you construct parallels into your spells in order to get a little more speed?  I’d like to know so I can decide if I should put time into it.  For me it seems like a good idea to help with long spells like long range teleports.

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