World Building Wednesday-The Crying Hold (In the Midgeland)

In the story of Shilin “The Serpent’s Fang” Wesliniss there is a mighty fortress mentioned in which he made a stand against the goblins.  It is where he first turned to necromancy. Over a thousand years later, Shilin still occupies the fortress with his undead hordes.

CHlocThe fortress was built as a military installation, but also as a lizardfolk oasis in the forest near the foothills of the Chattering Mounts in the Midgeland.  The area was very important to lizardfolk interests, but is drier than they enjoy.  For this reason, the fortress was built on a river and the courtyard leveled in order to create a swamp in the path of river.  It was an amazing act of terraforming.  In addition to the incredible effort to create several square miles of swamp, the construction of massive towers and walls show how vital this installation was at the time.  It provided the Empire of Wesarin with a strong foothold from which to support their more far-flung efforts.CryingHold

The fortress now is known primarily through obscure historical references taken from the ruins of Reach.  Alvar and Tinin have received only vague reports from intrepid scouts able to penetrate that deep.  All they have been consistent on is the tortured screams emanating from it.  The Lizardfolk harldy visit the eerie fortress anymore, only sending the occasional ambassador to discuss their continuing alliance with their fallen hero.  The fact that the lich defending all of their Western and Southern territory is Shilin the hero is one of the Cult of Wesarin’s best kept secrets.  The Goblins no longer dare venture near it and the orcs are kept to their foot hills by the hordes of undead filling the woods.

Shilin, now a thousand year old lich, has been building his power and is a ridiculously mighty foe.  We’ll discuss him and and his undead hordes tomorrow on Character Thursday, as well as what it would take to bring down a foe this mighty.

The Crying Hold may look intimidating, but I bet you can find some weaknesses?  How would you attack this undead fortress?  Let us know below.

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