Ability Tuesday-Call Undead

The Call Undead ability allows a character to call forth wild, unbound undead from the places where they lurk.  Higher levels in the ability expand the radius to which his call extends.  All wild undead in the effected area will respond to the call.  Bound undead will feel the call, but not respond.  Sentient undead will also feel the call, but can decide for themselves how to react.

The undead that come in response to the call can be bound to the caller at his discretion.  Called undead are more independent and wild.  They can make decisions better on their own than animated undead, but also require more SP to bind.  Inherently wild undead include ghosts, ghouls, shadows, and specters, though under some conditions animated undead can become wild.

Call undead has animate dead as a prerequisite.  Called undead that are bound to the caller fill a place in his army as an animated undead would.

Would you take a level in Call Undead in order to draw these unique undead into your army?  Would you use it to build your army more quickly?  Comment below to let us know.

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