Monster Monday-Lich


Health Points: 8*level(body) + Jar Level(field)

Spell Points: (4*Int + 2*Wis)*JL/10

SP Recovery:  (Wis/2 + Int/5) *JL/10

Attack: By weapon, if any

Special Attack: Soul Drain, Spell Casting

Special Defense: Spell Casting

Constitution: As living for relevant calculations

Dexterity: As living

Strength: As living + Jar Level/40

Wisdom: As living -4

Intelligence: As living

Charisma: As living – 10

Speed: 24

Armor: By armor, body: 0 12 6, field: 3 3 3

Special:  Spell Casting and Magic as in life.  Animate Dead(Jar Level/10), Call Undead(Jar Level/20), Command Undead(Jar Level/20),  Soul Drain(Jar Level/20).  Mental abilities(arcane knowledge, sense magic, understand artifact, etc) possessed while living are also retained.

Description:  A lich is an example of a sentient undead, at great difference from animated undead and called undead.  The lich is the preserved form of a necromancer and draws its power entirely from its soul jar.  Liches tend to wear lavish clothing and jewelry to cover their emaciated and skeletal forms. Its body is better preserved than that of a skeleton’s, but most of the lich’s ability to take abuse rises rather from the soul field that surrounds it.  The soul field recovers at twice the normal rate while the physical body heals at half the normal rate.

Liches who answer the call of a necromancer do so of their own free will.  Sometimes it is to offer their help to another aspiring immortal, sometimes to seek the aide of one with flesh for an endeavor they cannot achieve on their own, but often it is to challenge, threaten, or otherwise drive off the intruder in their territory.  Because a lich is usually more powerful than a necromancer, the danger of calling when one is near is great.

Liches are sentient and, like the humanoid races, are apt to negotiate.  They will often have their own horde of undead and can be significant antagonists in campaigns where a low-sympathy enemy is desired.

As a player, would you invest in Soul Drain to become a lich? Would you sacrifice the ability to level up for the ability to enhance yourself through Soul Drain?  As a Master Weaver, how would you use a lich NPC?  Comment below to share your thoughts.

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