World Building Wednesday-The Demon Swamp (In the Midgeland)

The Lizardfolk of the Demon Swamp are the most powerful party in the Midgeland. They form an alliance of several tribes under the direction of the snake goddess, Wesarin. This alliance controls the entire Demon Swamp, as well as much of the surrounding woods. They have had a stable alliance for centuries and Wesarin has often stirred them up to efforts of expansion.

DemonSwampFor example, the Crimson Sea, which many believe is so named for a bloody naval battle between Alvar and Tinin, has had that name since long before that battle due to the red hue it had when first discovered.  This red hue was the result of Lizardfolk efforts to establish floating communities on the sea which prompted retaliation from the Merfolk that live there.

The government of the Demon Swamp Lizardfolk is fairly typical for their kind, with the tribes being united by a strong theocracy.  They have a central capital near the mouth of lizardfolk2Muddy Draw (called by them the “Serpent Water”) in which stands a millenniums-old temple to Wesarin.  The priests there have the power to command the chiefs of the tribes and generally rule the alliance.  Some of them are quite high in level.  Though these elders are proud to see the Wesarin Empire at its largest in their lifetime, they know that shortly before their generation the Wesarin Empire had been even more powerful.  The founding of Reach had pushed them out of much of their territory until Wesarin enticed a dragon to attack the city.  Though they and their allies have regained control of much of that territory (orcs contest some of their old claims), they have not yet repopulated it.  Despite longings for their prior glory, at this time most of their effort and most of Wesarin’s attention is dedicated to harassing Alvar and Tinin to discourage their further expansion into the so called Midgeland.

Tomorrow, we are going to discuss a folk hero of the Demon Swamp Lizardfolk from the era of Reach.  Stay tuned!

How would you handle such an alliance of Lizardfolk?  How would you use them as the Master Weaver?  Let us know below.

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