Ability Tuesday-Soul Drain

Soul Drain is a major ability through which Necromancers can achieve immortality in the form of a Lich.  Once a character has a level in Soul Drain, he can invest a large amount of SP over the course of a week to create a Soul Jar or “Phylactery” in which to contain the souls which will give him his power as a Lich.

SoulDrainOnce the Soul Jar is created, the character can drain the souls of enemies.  A Necromancer can only drain the soul of a target that has a level equal to or less than his level in Soul Drain.  The SP cost to drain the soul of the target is dependent on the target’s level according to the equation 100*(Level+1) SP.  It has a range of 5 ft and takes 2 seconds (a full turn) to execute.

A target of soul drain that is conscious has some chance of resisting the Soul Drain given by (50+Will*20+Level*10-SoulDrain*15)%. Thus a level 5 character with Will II has a 95% chance of resisting a level 3 Soul Drain. Even a level 1 character with no Will has a 45% chance of resisting a level 1 Soul Drain.

When a necromancer dies, provided his Soul Jar is nearby, he rises as a Lich at the next rising of the moon with power proportional to the number and level of the souls in his jar.

Would you be willing to pursue Soul Drain as an ability?  Would you plan on becoming a Lich with it?  How would you prepare for an enemy using Soul Drain?  Comment below to let us know.

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