Progress Update-Rebuilding the Magic UI

Now that school has started up again, I have a solid regimen and seem to be getting more done than when I had more time.  Life is stranger than fiction.

Though I am eager to use this time to get to work on map movement, other things have come up.  As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I took some time to do some usability testing while back home on vacation.  Something we discovered to be a major stumbling block was the very complex magic GUI, you may remember it:


While this GUI (a more complete rendition can be seen in this video) has everything you need to cast spells, it is intimidating and buries the spell book, which most people will use more than custom spells, in a small button.

On the advice of my little brother (an amazing web designer) I decided to rework the Magic UI in order to emphasize the spell book.  Here’s what that same tab looks like now:NewMagicPanel

Much cleaner, right?  It has larger text containing all the vital information for the currently prepared spell.  It has only 4 buttons, from left to right:  one to open the spell book, one to open a custom spell building window much like the old one, but larger and more usable, one to cast the prepared spell, and one to open a new tab where the character’s components are listed.

Though I have not finished remaking the custom spell building window, below is a picture that demonstrates how much more space I will have to make the controls more readable and usable. Most of the remaining work is about making new, larger images and scanning them, as well getting the positioning right.CustomUIDraft

Be sure to come back tomorrow for another Humanoids as Monsters post: Lizardfolk.  I’m very excited for it.

What do you think of Mind Weave?  Anything you think we could do to make it more user friendly or appealing to you?  Let us know below!

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