Character Thursday-Burg Broadbrow (Orc Ranger)

We introduced Mind Weave’s Orcs a couple of weeks ago, so I’m taking this opportunity to discuss something of an outlier in an orc community in the Midgeland.

Backstory and Levels 1-10

Burg Broadbrow was always an ambitious orc.  He had worked hard during his youth to advance himself in the tribe.  As a young orc he led hunting parties and soon advanced to war parties.  Though he could easily have carried himself to great heights in his tribe with his strength, endurance and combat ability, he was not content for that.  Not after he had seen the military organization of the Alvar soldiers his war party ambushed and destroyed.  Their gray haired leader had been respected for his age and knowledge.  He knew that no matter how high he climbed he would be killed long before reaching such an age.

That thought in mind, he decided to escape his tribe rather than take his chances in the melee to enter the highest ranks of the tribe.  Burg escaped at a wild run late in the night, making his way for the Alvar outpost.  It was there he offered his services as a guide, scout, and tracker in the dangerous Midgeland.  The information he provided about the orcs was enough to earn him their trust and the general at the outpost accepted him.  From then on he led scouting and hunting parties, infiltrated orc groups, and was sent on some of the most dangerous exploration missions Alvar had ever performed.

Strength: 21, Constitution: 19, Dexterity: 21,

Wisdom: 12, Intelligence: 16, Charisma: 14

Abilities: Tracking IV, See Sign III, Direction Sense II, Natural Empathy III, Weapon Mastery (Bow) VI, Marksmanship I, War Cry II, Convince I, Spell Casting I

Skills: Agility VIII, Perception IV, Weapon Skill II

Burg’s primary advantages are as a scout.  He is a fair tracker with enough Perception and See Sign to pick up trails.  He’s also very fast with a good sense of direction and a connection with nature that makes it easier for him to find his way and know what weather is coming.

He’s a fair archer and maintains some combat abilities from his days as a warrior orc. Mostly his combat style would be to demoralize enemies with War Cry and fire arrows while keeping his distance.

He has very little magic ability.  His spell components are focused on weather magic, a pretty good use of his few component options.

As a Master Weaver, would you expect your players to use Burg as a tracker and guide? How else could you use him?  As a player, how would you handle a character like this? Comment below and let us know.

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